Saturday, November 19, 2011

Strip Tease

Am starting to hear of the preparations for the Christmas Season beginning. 
One friend has her tree up and decorated already to avoid the overwhelming pressure of scheduling in the month of December.  The school concerts, the shopping.... the invitations to celebrate the Christmas Season are starting and she wants to be relaxed to enjoy them all... a smart woman indeed.
 Yesterday was busy..Met up with a friend to help her with a knitting job...then off to Colwood where I met with a group of friends for lunch... went to Michael's in Langford to pick up a
sale item! then back home for a quick snooze and out again by 5:30 to a 'Celebration Of Life" for Sally.  It was a fine fine evening for a fine fine lady.
Came home and 'crashed'...lots of things to think about before
calling it a very good day.
am attaching a video of a job done well.  Enjoy. (the icon of a finger pointing downwards won't copy for me...oh well....

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Beverley J said...

thanks for the striptease video. Wow!! Talented lovely men!!