Monday, November 21, 2011

New Baby Hat

I had made a hat/bootie set for Sally's friend... thinking it was for a brand new infant!!  I have now
finished a larger hat for the little sweetheart who must be 4-6 months old. This hat turned out great.
I must buy myself a 1year old size doll so I can fit hats on it!  Wonder if Charlotte has an extra doll for Grammer to borrow!
PublicTelevision had a weekend of  50's music and Ed Sullivan shows(B&W) from 'the good old days'...I thoroughly enjoyed reliving the past with these shows.

Wishing everyone a happy healthy week!  Can you find the baby in the picture below?  Let me know!


Beverley J said...

Wow is that for real? I see the baby in the sky.

Julie said...


Julie, Victoria, BC ...
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