Tuesday, November 8, 2011

stretching my brain to the max

Yesterday  I got my new computer with Windows 7. Lordy Lordy...my old brain has been stretched to the max. Also got a new Kodak printer..basic type... but this one feeds the paper from the back ..not like my old one that the paper went in from the front...another thing to learn..so now..which side of the paper do the pictures show up on...HELP...I'm too old for this nonsense...
Where did I leave my fountain pen and bottle of ink?? ah ha...it's the feather and the ink bottle!!!
Progress continues and I try my best to hang on... can't let the grandkids beat me quite yet.
Did visit my friend in Hospice for just a few minutes last night...not as good a visit as the night before...life just isn't fair at times.
Don't forget to mark Nov. 11 on your calendar to watch the Remembrance Day ceremony from Ottawa and see my friend Patty lay the wreath as Canada's "Silver Medal Mother". Her son David was killed in Afghanistan in 2006.

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