Saturday, November 12, 2011

keep thinking today is Monday...

So much to absorb/comprehend/accept this Remembrance Day.
The Remembrance Day Ceremonies across Canada were especially 'close to home' with Patty being honoured at Silver Cross Medal Mother...
Her position is as copied down from the t.v. news:
The national role of Silver Cross Mother is second only to the Royal representative to the Queen.
She comes ahead of the Government of Canada

That's our Patty!!
I must say I spent MANY hours watching t.v. yesterday (got lots of knitting done!!.. if you sit you have to knit!).. so many personal interviews with surviving families of those that 'gave their lives to protect us'...

Have no idea why I keep thinking today is Monday... Wonder if Marilyn has her blog done yet!..
I'm trying to enter one every day of November too.. time to go thru albums for story matter.

Today is 'get serious' about picking out flooring for my kitchen (after my dishwasher leaked into the condo below me)...then finish removing wallpaper in the kitchen..WHY did I even start that job (I was told I could have painted over the wallpaper!! NOW THEY TELL ME!!)

Enjoy YOUR weekend.

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