Monday, November 7, 2011

Hospice Experience

Tonight I went to visit my friend at I stepped off the elevator at the 3rd floor beautiful music greeted me... it was 'heavenly'.
Two university students were sitting in the visiting area playing a violin and a cello...playing Beethoven music. I asked them if they would come and play in my friend's room...they were DELIGHTED that I asked. So while I was feeding my friend supper, my friend was treated to at least 20 minutes of beautiful beautiful music...didn't realize my friend frequented the Victoria Symphony on Sunday afternoons and Beethoven music is my friend's favourite...
What a wonderful wonderful experience....again!

My new computer and new printer arrive this afternoon..then I exchange cars with my son-in-law at 4pm at his workplace...he brings it back in a few days with new brakes when it's ready.

Still pulling down wallpaper in my kitchen...slow and easy does it.

BC step back the clocks one hour yesterday...

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