Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bread - No Yeast - baked in tall tomato can

Oops....who ate some/lots of the bread??? delicious with butter and honey when fresh from the oven.
Notice the lilies opening in my birthday bouquet...it is the most beautiful bouquet I have ever received...Thanks Henri!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to me ....Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday dear Esther..Happy Birthday to me....yay!!!!! I made it to 66...life is so good. Went to the Beach Boys Concert last night..it was great...made it up to the front stage and danced myself silly! hardly any voice left by the end of the evening..the joys of knowing the words to "our music"...yay!!! from this article..which I can NOT seem to enlarge..."Watching ol' Mike sing When I Grow up to be a Man today is like watching grandma do the mashed potato in her poodle skirt." sooooo... what's the point he's trying to make...that I should NOT have been wearing my poodle skirt last night..JUST JOKING JUST JOKING..... but I had fun and that's all I care about........one for our side...go get 'em grammas!! Yes, they played Little Miss Coupe and yes Charlotte&Christopher&Grammer knew most of the words..it was neat going with my daughters and my grandkids...like I've said many times before..LIFE IS GOOD.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

knitting board for scarves & a neat hat..

what a neat invention...remember spool knitting?
well...this is done on a flat board...I did this work a few years ago but thought it might be worth 'revisiting' and share with my knitting friends!
Friends in Regina, Sask. made these scarves...

I make a shorter scarf ..long enough to fit around my head..join the ends..bunch the tassles to give the '30s' look, to make the neatest hats.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A 'lunch date' with Lynne, her Mom Joyce(they gave me the roses) and Scott..celebrating my 66th birthday... hey..hang on..does that mean in 4 years I am going to be 70??? OMG that is too funny. I KNOW I am 45...what's going on here!! This picture was taken at Scott's condo on the 10th floor on Dallas Rd. Note Cruise ship in background at Ogden Point (where we went for lunch). Police tape on the balcony railing keeps the pigeons and seagulls from landing..it works!!

Tomorrow night I go to see the BeachBoys with my entire family...(even the grandkids!!)...what a wonderful birthday gift from them. Charlotte 8, Christopher 6 and I 45 have been listening to my BeachBoy TAPE in my car since they have been babies....so we KNOW most of the words to their songs!! This will be so much fun.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

close up of the leaves...know the type of tree???
Friday I went to see who was knitting at Serious Coffee...everyone had gone home before 4pm...I had gone to BeaconHillPark to listen to the jazz concert first.

Behind the cafe, where we park our cars, is THIS beautiful tree...much more yellow than what shows here...I marvel at it's beauty each time I walk by it...

BUT this time I asked a complete stranger to take my picture by the tree...turned out to be an okay picture...does anyone know what kind of tree it is?? Imagine the early morning sun shining thru those leaves ..what a way to start a day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

can't remember if I ever blogged about making these toques. Someone at the Knitter's Guild brought an unfinished sweater ..put it up for grabs. No one wanted it so I took it and used the sleeves to make two toques... Take scissors..cut off the length you want (I wanted the patterns)..clean up the mess left from cutting the yarn...pick up the stitches...pull yarn tight and finish it off to make the hat! These 2 hats went to Afghanistan as the sweater was wool. Have a wonderful weekend....this beautiful weather is suppose to last for another full week!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blankets For Canada

Christopher at Dentist's Office..waiting his turn! Wanted his picture taken with blanket before I delivered it to OurPlace...another blanket in my bag! always one on the go.

Diane,Connie and myself working hard last Thursday...great turnout of workers..I think we nearly finished three blankets that day...
I delivered a total of TEN blankets to the homeless shelters on Wednesday. Emotional experience... I fell in love with my blankets!! didn't want to 'let them go'....but they are gone and I am positive they are being used by the homeless in the cool evenings we are now having.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jackson starting his fry!..too hot.

Jackson munching down the fry!! Given to him from his cousins Nikolai and Kaylee

Showing my relatives the blankets we

make for BlanketsForCanada

Nikolai goofing around with AuntieEsther.
My nephew/wife Nik&Kaylee from Edmonton..my sister in law from Parksville..Janis&Jackson and I met at the Malahat Inn for lunch last week..a good visit!

One day Charlotte and I were walking thru Beacon Hill Park and we noticed this man talking to this little girl...he was taking alot of pictures of her and we both noticed how well behaved she was..she just didn't move a bit...and he snapped away...THEN we realized that he was taking pictures of A DOLL. We went and talked to him..
he MADE all these dolls.... they are so very lifelike.....he sent me the rest of these pictures later.