Thursday, October 30, 2008

School Pictures and Jackson 2008-2009

Charlotte Grade 3 Christopher Grade 1 and Jackson 17 months.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Doing my store demo at Safeway at Tillicum

Today at Safeway at Tillicum..doing my store demo job promoting Organico products...
applesauce, juices and cookies...the 4 1/2 hours FLEW by. There are 13 demo stations like mine..promoting things from spareribs, soups, fresh's amazing...
NOW I have to soak my feet..that's the only drawback for feet!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beacon Hill Park

I babysat Christopher (6) and Jackson (17 months) yesterday while Janis and Charlotte went to Irene's babyshower...We met up with Helen and her two grandsons at the park and the kids had such a great time! Grammer was 'in heaven' having her grandsons for the afternoon. Jackson 'made miles'..especially chasing the ducks..he kept saying 'go go go go go' and he did go go go go!! It really was a great afternoon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hallowe'en 1981

We retired to Victoria in 1980. I was VERY lonely..missing my prairie friends ALOT. My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday in 1981 and I said
"A trip to Watrous,Sask. for myself!"
I had so many many friends that I missed terribly PLUS I knew one woman was sewing SylvesterThePussyCat Costumes for her&her husband and her friend&herHusband for the BIG Halloween dance in that town. I got my ticket, rented a bunny rabbit costume from Elsa's (on Fernwood Ave/across from the Belfry!)..made my own face coverup ..I had to be COMPLETELY covered as everyone knew me so well. I flew to Regina, a friend drove me to the outskirts of Watrous, there a RCMP friend(my husband was head RCMP there before we retired) picked me up..took me to their home where I got dressed and he took me in the police car way out in the country to their Hallowe'en dance. He promised NOT TO LEAVE until he saw the Sylvester cats walk into the dance hall..THEY were my ride home as I would be staying at her place for a week (now THAT was another story! who has their home 'ready' for company!). I hopped (all night long and NOT saying one word until midnight!no easy task for me!)into the hall and looked around..recognized a fellow and his wife and hopped over to their table and sat beside him. He asked if he knew me..I nodded 'yes'... did I live here "no"...where did I live? "I spread my arms wide and waved to indicate far away".. would I like a drink? "shook my head yes"...he kept quizzing me..but he didn't find out who I was (I had been to their home many times!)
he had to get me a straw as I couldn't lift my mask as he might recognize me...My one mistake..I didn't buy something to keep my glasses from fogging up under the mask...AND I could only have that one drink as I wasn't getting enough oxygen!! Soooo now in walk the two little Sylvester cats..the wives!!! they go and sit down...(I'm the only one who knows who they are as she kept phoning me to tell me how great her sewing job was and that they would win first prize for sure!)...THEN in walk two taller Sylvester cats... they join the little cats!! I get up and hop hop hop across the hall and join them at their table...EVERYWHERE they went I hopped behind them...she was getting some ticked off with me as they have no idea who I am. She yelled "GET LOST..LEAVE ME ALONE"(they were really words not to be repeated!!)...I motioned that I wanted to dance with her.(they have no idea if I'm male or female at this point) she reluctantly obliged and then put her hands on my chest and yelled "OH NO...a woman"...that did it..NOW she really wanted NOTHING to do with me..but I kept hopping around with them ALL NIGHT LONG... finally it's midnight and the judges asked the people to parade in front of them and they would pick the best costume for the night. The pick of the evening was "The Four Sylvester Cats with an honourable mention to THEIR mascot the rabbit"..she yelled "SHE IS NOT WITH US"...didn't matter...everyone had fallen in love with me by this point (NOT knowing who I was).. Now we go back to the table...masks are all being taken off...she has her back to me (definitely 'telling' me she did not want me there)..her husband is across the table from me... I ever so carefully take off my 'face mask' should have seen her husband's face..he jumped ON and OVER the table..he was soooo excited..she turns..does a quick look..THEN turned back again and started yelling and crying and her first words were "My house is NOT clean"..she KNEW I was going to be there for awhile!! Well, that was only the beginning of a great time..after the dance we decided that a few of our friends had to be woken for me to say hello to's now 2am. In small towns no one locks their doors!! We walked into homes..sat on their couches and called for them...they'd come out of a sound sleep and find 4 cats and a rabbit sitting in their living was a scream!!!!! A few days later the town itself had their big dance...everyone knew I was in town by then..and I danced my face off and had the best birthday present ever. It's a 'happening' that can never be was so good.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures that tell a complete story

My latest collage pictures...
steps in making my angels. Including spraying them out on my balcony..

My friend Helen/me and her grandsons.
We take in alot of their baseball games. This pic was taken 3 years ago.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Collage

I have 'unleashed a madman' within me...Oh if I needed to learn something new to take up my

RoxioPhotoSuite5 has so many wonderful features and I happened upon 'add photos' feature.

My Family at Thanksgiving 2008.
Can hardly wait to work on my Christmas card email...

Friday, October 17, 2008


I just finished my first angel for this takes 6 hours to sculpt one of them so I knew I had to get busy to get my orders done by Xmas.....this one will take about 3 days to dry..then I'll spray it completely white and put a songbook on her hands...I make the songbooks with sheetmusic!!!
Other angels are holding a harp, mandoline or ladybug. Have one order this year for an angel with praying hands...nice idea.

Orville's Baby Boots

After reading Karen's blog at I had to find this picture of a friend's babyshoes. He was so pleased when I asked him if I could photograph his baby boots..

I fell in love with his baby shoes...but he wouldn't part with them!! Can't you just see him (in overalls ..of course!) trucking around the old farm in Saskatchewan ..making miles with these little boots. If only they could talk! You have to love his Mom for saving them for him.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This is Great Aunt Esther teaching Arden(her Mom Heather is my niece) to hoop knit (is that the right word for very large spool-knitting?)...I make ALOT of baby hats for the General Hospital nursery using this blue one.
Notice our hair line....our bangs are following the same 'pattern'...amazing...
Have been so busy with store demos and angel making that I'm slacking on blogging...just noticed that this one was not sent when I first typed it out...
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Friday, October 3, 2008

BlanketsForCanada Video taken off the TV

YAY....I finally figured out how to send a video on this site...

if you click on the above line or copy/paste it you will see the video of the interview done by our local tv station TheDaily to promote our volunteer work for BlanketsForCanada.

After this interview the volunteers that show up at MichaelsCraftStore every Thursday has risen to as high as 11! Yesterday there were 9 of us and we got 3 blankets completely done and 2 nearly done...and had loads of fun doing this. Come and join us any Thursday afternoon from 1-5 at Michaels on Blanchard/Cloverdale.

Now it's time to get ready for more knitting at Serious Coffee...Marilyn is back from her trip so she'll have loads of stories to tell us. Have a great weekend.