Monday, December 19, 2011

6 more sleeps


                                Once upon a time when Santa was a baby......

Hickory Dickory Dock I think a mouse ran across my line of vision at 2pm while I was doing a bit of last minute knitting to get an order done for today!!.. NOT positive about this but did set up two traps...5am check on traps...NOTHING!! whew.  Probably just one of my many black floaters on my eyeball!! (black flecks) ...I like that idea better than having a mouse!!   The woman in the condo on the floor below me had a mouse awhile back... peanut butter and cheese caught that little guy in 4 hours.... MUST get some peanut butter today...and yellow cheese...  something tells me that Monterey Jack cheese just will not cut it with a mouse!  Should have put on some of my Blue Cheese!!! that would scare the mouse away if nothing else.
Hmmmm....would a mouse come down a fireplace chimney?  I was told they can sneak in thru the crack under doorways... Good Grief....
Well, back to bed for more sleep...yes.... I have the bottom of this door plugged with towels...can't entertain the idea of a mouse running across my bedspread while I'm sleeping!!

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