Friday, December 23, 2011

2 more sleeps

Tomorrow the little ones will be squirming out of their skin anticipating the arrival of the big fat man in his red suit!!!  I can remember that feeling so well.  As children we went to church on the 24th in the evening..sang the real Christmas Carols...and while we were at church, Santa would have visited our homes ...we opened presents when we got home from was magical!  But things were different 'way back then'...we got ONE present from Santa and small gifts from our siblings that were hand made.  It was wonderful.

The strata meeting last night went well...definitely unexpected...the person that thought he was going to win...did NOT win....the owners showed up in full force and he withdrew his proposal and went along with what we wanted.  He should know better than to screw around with old Grammas at Christmas time!!!!!  Now we can rest until the next meeting January 12.  NEVER buy anything that has the word STRATA on it. 

Need more sleep...Will blog once more before heading upisland for Christmas....

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