Thursday, December 8, 2011

17 more sleeps

whew...just made the deadline!!!!

Thursday NIGHT!

JUST home from Duncan...was there for Charlotte’s Grade 6 Band  Concert...amazing how my granddaughter is growing up...such a nice young lady. She played her trombone with such 'I know what I'm doing!!"...can't find the right word...I'm tired...a very full day.

Their school pictures are out now... will scan some and blog them soon.

Christopher had a very high fever Wed. morning so he couldn’t make it to his Christmas Concert...that is why I hitched a ride with my son-in-law who works in Victoria...

Karyn drove me home spoiled, aren’t I!! Love it.

The kids are getting excited about Christmas now...the countdown is in full swing in their home...not sure when their tree will go up as the drywalling and flooring etc. is being done now..
but life is easy happens when it happens!!!

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