Friday, December 2, 2011

23 more sleeps

Will try and have each of  my December blogs include a picture of Santa Claus. The Saturday Evening Post was definitely THE magazine that had the best drawings of Santa. Norman Rockwell captured everything we dreamed of about Santa.
 How I wish I had pictures of Christmases from my childhood...such innocence...such excitement... We always had our Sunday School church programme on Dec. 24th in the evening at the church...we always got a new dress and had to learn a special verse to recite that evening. We'd receive a small paper bag of goodies..usually candies and a Christmas orange.  When we got home from church, Santa would have been to our house and what excitement to see what he brought for us. ONE gift! and how we treasured it. Then Christmas morning we all went to church again....

Yesterday was such a relaxing day. Bev and I went over to Saltspring to see Marilyn.

Met her friend Carol ..who does AMAZING bead work.. purchased this tiny beaded Canadian flag..attached it to the zipper on my purse..Thanks Carol. 

Today is THE day to make the final decision as to what flooring I will put in my kitchen. Not an easy call to make.

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Beverley J said...

Thanks for a good time yesterday. You're such fun to travel and knit with! Let's do it again to Saltspring. Cheap fare and good company!!!