Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lois, Scott and I went out for supper tonight..with full intentions of going to Scott's 10th floor condo to watch the Symphony Splash fireworks... Scott was biking home and we were to meet him at his place. I decided to see how close we could get to the inner harbour to at least listen to a bit of the music from my car.... we sat in the lane at Humbolt and Government when the parked car beside us asked if we'd like their parking spot... NO KIDDING!!...we were in the FIRST parking spot right at the inner harbour...
Quickly called Scott to bike over to our spot and we had a great time! Took in the last 5 pieces...AND the fireworks... can you believe it!!!
A perfect day...great music in Beacon Hill Park this afternoon too....goodnight everyone!! Esther

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