Monday, August 25, 2008

For years I have made door wreaths/bells using recycled Christmas cards
...using a template made from heavy cardboard..1. draw a circle using big mug/ make size you want
2. cut circle in half (this is the template now)
3. place 1/2 circle template on section of card that you want..cut out the beautiful part of the front of recycled Xmas cards.
4...make the cone/bell..string them at different intervals on thick Xmas Yarn(remember to make a large knot inside the cone/bell so it does not slip down
5...make loads of strings all different lengths...attach them to a big red velvet Xmas bow...and give them out as Door wreaths/decorations.

This picture was taken years ago at a girl's getaway weekend...I took 'my stuff' along and had quite a few people making them in the main room of the Lodge...

ALSO: I make these hanging bell wreaths..on a more personal level..using old photos of past Christmases...if you make them as a single tiny bell..they hang nicely on the Xmas tree.
Michael's Craft store is bringing in their Xmas 'stuff' watch for those red bows on sale.

see for Karen's chimes made from the recycled lids of tin cans...AMAZING!


mia said...

Hi Esther, even though your blog isn't professional, it is definitely user friendly and isn't too wordy. Is it hard to keep up with them? Maybe I should think of doing one too. Off to the dentist today ... can never figure out why someone would want to be a dentist : )
See you friday
love and light

Karen said...

Okay - thanks for posting a photo - they are very attractive these bells....and I love your idea of making them from family photos as well.