Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1am Wed. morning...wonder what woke me up...probably a firetruck or ambulance...have the bedroom sliding door open and the bedroom is cold/crisp/fresh/wonderful! but....street noise is part of living on a busy street. Won't take me long to get back to sleep once I'm finished my blog.

Tuesday was extra special...I got my first email from my 8yr old granddaughter how special is THAT!!! Let the good times begin...(picture from last year)

I will be babysitting Jackson for two days next week while Karyn and Janis go to Edmonton for Carol's funeral. Charlotte will be at camp all week and Christopher will stay at his buddies place next door to where they live...everyone taken care of.

Back to bed for more sleep now...zzzzzzzzzzzz ..wonder what Wednesday holds in store for's never boring in my life!

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