Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wow..didn't realize that I missed the entire week with no all know that I am busy with 'making blankets'..I have finished 6 and also finished one on Thursday where we meet at Michael's Crafts (they let us use a huge table in their craft room 1-5 every Thursday).
Also am working with my store-demos Fri&Sat this week...which is is airconditioned!!
Spent Tuesday with Janis and grandkids at Youbou campsite..very very nice. Jackson is now walking full time AND he also remembered my car as he had stayed with me for 2 days overnight!! This is neat..he certainly did want to go for a ride with me!! Charlotte and Christopher are doing very well with their swimming...the lake is so nice and clean..I went swimming to!
If you want to see more blanket pictures..let me know!! Have a great weekend..I'm off to work now..

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