Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A 'lunch date' with Lynne, her Mom Joyce(they gave me the roses) and Scott..celebrating my 66th birthday... hey..hang on..does that mean in 4 years I am going to be 70??? OMG that is too funny. I KNOW I am 45...what's going on here!! This picture was taken at Scott's condo on the 10th floor on Dallas Rd. Note Cruise ship in background at Ogden Point (where we went for lunch). Police tape on the balcony railing keeps the pigeons and seagulls from works!!

Tomorrow night I go to see the BeachBoys with my entire family...(even the grandkids!!)...what a wonderful birthday gift from them. Charlotte 8, Christopher 6 and I 45 have been listening to my BeachBoy TAPE in my car since they have been we KNOW most of the words to their songs!! This will be so much fun.


Crafty Gardener said...

Happy birthday, have a wonderful time at the Beach Boys Concert.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Looking forward to hearing about Beach Boys. FYI - put a heading on your post, please - a title of some sort - otherwise it does not show on my iGoogle so I don't know you have posted.