Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to me ....Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday dear Esther..Happy Birthday to me....yay!!!!! I made it to is so good. Went to the Beach Boys Concert last was great...made it up to the front stage and danced myself silly! hardly any voice left by the end of the evening..the joys of knowing the words to "our music"...yay!!! from this article..which I can NOT seem to enlarge..."Watching ol' Mike sing When I Grow up to be a Man today is like watching grandma do the mashed potato in her poodle skirt." sooooo... what's the point he's trying to make...that I should NOT have been wearing my poodle skirt last night..JUST JOKING JUST JOKING..... but I had fun and that's all I care for our side...go get 'em grammas!! Yes, they played Little Miss Coupe and yes Charlotte&Christopher&Grammer knew most of the was neat going with my daughters and my I've said many times before..LIFE IS GOOD.

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Crafty Gardener said...

It sure sounds like you had a wonderful time at the concert.