Saturday, September 13, 2008

close up of the leaves...know the type of tree???
Friday I went to see who was knitting at Serious Coffee...everyone had gone home before 4pm...I had gone to BeaconHillPark to listen to the jazz concert first.

Behind the cafe, where we park our cars, is THIS beautiful tree...much more yellow than what shows here...I marvel at it's beauty each time I walk by it...

BUT this time I asked a complete stranger to take my picture by the tree...turned out to be an okay picture...does anyone know what kind of tree it is?? Imagine the early morning sun shining thru those leaves ..what a way to start a day.


Crafty Gardener said...

My first guess would be honey locus ... try doing a Google image search and see if you think it is.

Matt, Colleen and McKenzie said...

Tell me if you find out - Matt and I saw that same tree last weekend at the wedding we went to and we wondered what kind of tree it was too!