Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anne Murray Concert was EXCELLENT

A great evening, with my daughter Karyn, at the Anne Murray concert...(Mother's Day gift from my daughters!! thanks Karyn and Janis!)
Anne Murray was/is an excellent 'down to earth'....would recommend everyone go to see her concert if given the chance.
Her daughter sang a few songs with her and then one on her own...what a voice!

Remember that today the Oosterdam cruise ship arrives at Ogden Point at 18:00 it's 951' of the bigger ones to grace our harbour... 211 cruise ships coming in this year.
May 17th will be the 'biggest show'..with FIVE cruise ships coming in; THREE will be docked at the same time in the evening..... WOW.


Skipper said...

Anne Murray! I had JUST told my sister that she was coming 'soon'.... lol. Glad you 'found' your blog, and glad to see you posting again!

Karen said...

Good to see you posting again! I forgot how lovely those angels are.