Monday, May 4, 2009

May finished blanket

JUST finished this blanket...I knit the squares for this one too!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is really pretty!

Esther V. said...

Thanks for the compliment! People all over our province knit 8" squares with their left over yarn..they send it to Michael's Craft store in Victoria and on Thursday afternoons a group of us volunteers get together in their craft room and crochet the squares together to make blankets for the homeless and less fortunate people in our city. This one I did on my own at home and will drop it off at Michael's tomorrow...over 200 blankets since August 2007...what a group!!
Just out of did you find my blog? it's always interesting to find out.
I'm assuming you googled angels, as I sculpt them and that is something in your column of interests I right??