Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finished another blanket this week to take to BlanketsForCanada today. Hopefully there were will alot of volunteers there today so we can AGAIN finish 3 or 4 blankets.. 67 DONE..we're aiming for 100 by Xmas.
Am working on a sweater for myself..unbelievable but true! BIG FAT NEEDLES and BIG FAT YARN!! so it should 'build' quickly.
Was getting alot of knitting done watching the USA what will I watch!? I was truly delighted to have Obama win...such a cool guy..'smooth' is the word! and ever so loving to his family..the way he and his wife love each other makes my heart sing! they are truly good friends to each other. Do President's wives ever get posted to one of their husband's positions? Something tells me she is going to be a strong sounding board for him.
It will be interesting to watch their daughters 'grow up' living in the White House.... wonder what type of dog they will choose? they did mention a 'rescued dog'...doesn't that make perfect sense!!

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